Monday, 28 March 2016

:: Little Bit About Loli Minnie ::

I am 25 years old. And, maybe this is the right time to write more on:

current issues..

More on something based on experiences and facts perhaps?

To be short, I'm start blogging since 2011. However, due several reasons, I start deleted  my previous posts coz it is too childish and emotional to read. At the first place, I thought it would be good if I could write my feelings on this blog. But when I am getting older, I start thinking why don't I write something to inspire people?

Before I start with 'heavy' topic, let me share with you little bit about myself?

Here we go,

I am Nordahlia Umar Baki, prefer to call Dahlia, Bunga, Lia or Pip. Married. 25 years old. Graduated from UPM in Master Sc. HRD. Currently members of Tunku Scholar Association Malaysia. Share business with another two awesome lady - and MKL Flowerty by TheSis ^_^. Loves reading, searching and gossiping.  Full-time work as Research Fellow under amazing women supervision, Prof Mai.

Have been betrayed many times..
Have gone trough hardship in life and relationship..
But, I never give up..
And NOW, my TURN to 'UP'..
Praise to Allah..